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Urban Nature, Urban Culture:
Rethinking Water in Japan’s Cities


October 24

Water is the source of all life, but it is also at the base of many social and ecological problems in cities worldwide. Megacities such as Tokyo face diverse challenges ranging from flooding and heat-island effect to pollution and biodiversity loss, all of which are being exacerbated by climate change.

As these crises erode away at modernist myths, new approaches rooted in post-anthropocentric and transdisciplinary epistemologies are urgently needed. This symposium explores Japan’s cities as sites for the global, transcultural circulation of water practices and imaginaries by prompting exchange between academics, across oceans and disciplines who are engaged in urban water sustainability issues.

Symposium Conveners & Support

Ewa Machotka (Stockholm University, Associate Professor, Art History)
Mikiko Sugiura (Sophia University, Professor, Water Resources Management/International Studies)
Takehiro Watanabe (Sophia University, Associate Professor, Anthropology)

This symposium is sponsored by the Institute for Studies of the Global Environment at Sophia University.

To attend the event, please register for free from here.
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Sophia Symposium 2021

Sophia University